H.3.C. Reims
Harmonie du 3ème Canton de Reims

Ensemble musical réalisant de multiples prestations, concerts, sur Reims et sa région, dans le cadre d’événements comme les Flâneries Musicales, les Sacres du Folklore, la fête de la musique.

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Zum Geburtstag viel Glück
Article mis en ligne le 2 octobre 2009

par Estelle

What happens to this blog ???

That few weeks now I wanted to write an article in english in case of someone put on google "Music band in Reims".

And I have the opportunity for this saturday to do that.

Why, you will tell me ?

Because we have a nice guy called Sebastian which birthday is this saturday, the 3rd.

He integrated H3C last year as a great flutist during his studies at RMS. And now more implicated because of a beatiful girl, his girlfriend Hélène ;)

So... I hope my english will be enough good for anyone which want to write few words for him.

And for anyone from another country who would like to play music in a friendly music band, come on !

Cheers ;)

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